Emily and Alex's Engagement Session | Pearl District | Portland Engagement Photographer


Alex and Emily spent much of their engagement in different states. After their honeymoon they will spend the next year of their marriage roughly 2000 miles apart while they finish their last year of medical school. I hope the engagement photos we took just 4 days before their wedding in the Pearl District in downtown Portland can serve as a way for them to feel the closeness and intimacy and love this next year and every year after. It's such an honor to create something so meaningful for my clients. 


Alex and Lauren | Little Zigzag Falls Engagement | Mt. Hood, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Meet Lauren and Alex. I wrote a little poem about them. And by poem I mean, spoken word/slam poetry/rap. Enjoy: 

She's a vegetarian veterinarian. 

He's a Pokemon Go playing, respiratory saving Bro.

They like wearing kilts in dragon boats and dressing up guinea pigs in coats.

They like eating at Claim Jumpers and cheering for the Green Bay Packers and they're totally not slackers. 

They fell in love with each other, they are so cute it makes me shudder, 

I can't wait for their Christmas wedding, and when they take me cosmic sledding.


Alex and Lauren, you are the best, your engagement session put me to the test. 

Knee deep snow and waterfalls, two hour drives and poke-balls.

It was all worth it, cause you guys picked the best photographer.

Who can float on top of snow drifts and is also a killer photoshop-ographer. 

I'm gonna finish my ridiculous rhyming now, 

So you can look at your pictures and be forever smiling now.