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Matt and Annie | Cannon Beach | Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer

Matt and Annie like each other a lot. And they like Oregon too. We headed out to Hug Point, on the Oregon Coast to capture some beautiful photos for them in December. Believe it or not, the Oregon Coast can be quite amazing in the winter. We stopped in at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach before having dinner and heading back home to Salem. Adventuring with them was such a blast!

Hug Point Wedding Photographer
Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer
Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer
Oregon Coast Wedding Photos
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Cannon Beach Oregon Wedding Photographer
Haystack Rock Wedding Photos
Oregon Coast Wedding Photographer

Jess and Rob's 10 year anniversary session | Hug Point, Oregon Coast Photographer


Jessica sent me this in an email on her and Rob's 10 year anniversary. She wanted me to see what Rob had posted online that morning. 

10 years ago today, I woke up to a nice cold Pacifico for the last time as a single man. 10 years ago I was able to go to bed for the first time ever as a husband, and that feeling never dies. Through this decade we have been through tough times, and great times. We have suffered loss together, struggled with and beat fertility troubles, and I can honestly say it has all been worth it. Now I awake 10 years later, and look over at Jess and know that I made the right choice in life partners. She is the best mother to the children we weren’t sure we would ever create. She is the best wife who supports me in everything that is weird and different about me. She accepts my long hours, and dirty hands when I return from work. She is the only one who truly knows what lies beneath this crude and crass exterior, and she has stayed faithfully by my side. I love you Jessica, here is to another 10 years and more adventurers.