Emily and Alex's Engagement Session | Pearl District | Portland Engagement Photographer


Alex and Emily spent much of their engagement in different states. After their honeymoon they will spend the next year of their marriage roughly 2000 miles apart while they finish their last year of medical school. I hope the engagement photos we took just 4 days before their wedding in the Pearl District in downtown Portland can serve as a way for them to feel the closeness and intimacy and love this next year and every year after. It's such an honor to create something so meaningful for my clients. 


Gwen and Robert's Wedding | Willamette Heritage Center Dye House | Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer


Favorite Moments from Gwen and Robert's Wedding at Willamette Heritage Center

  • The first look with Gwen's dad and step dad. 
  • Jumping the broom in their pagan Ceremony.
  • So much joy and laughter during family photos.
  • Hugs, dancing and love during the reception.  

Surprise Proposal at Silver Falls State Park | Silverton, Oregon Wedding Photographer


Darren spent five miles on the hiking trail at Silver Fall State Park with an engagement ring burning in his pocket till he reached the perfect spot to pop the question to his unsuspecting girlfriend, Haley. Little did she know, Darren had hired me to be there waiting and ready. Well done, Darren!

Cody and Rachel | Beckenridge Vineyard | Dallas Oregon Wedding Photographer


Rachel and Cody's wedding at Beckenridge Vineyard  last month was full of love, hugs, laughter, a little sunshine, a little rain and even a rainbow. Cody had a giant smile on his face the entire day and Rachel was a hugging machine totally giddy and beyond excited to get married. It was such an honor to be part of! 

Jess and Rob's 10 year anniversary session | Hug Point, Oregon Coast Photographer


Jessica sent me this in an email on her and Rob's 10 year anniversary. She wanted me to see what Rob had posted online that morning. 

10 years ago today, I woke up to a nice cold Pacifico for the last time as a single man. 10 years ago I was able to go to bed for the first time ever as a husband, and that feeling never dies. Through this decade we have been through tough times, and great times. We have suffered loss together, struggled with and beat fertility troubles, and I can honestly say it has all been worth it. Now I awake 10 years later, and look over at Jess and know that I made the right choice in life partners. She is the best mother to the children we weren’t sure we would ever create. She is the best wife who supports me in everything that is weird and different about me. She accepts my long hours, and dirty hands when I return from work. She is the only one who truly knows what lies beneath this crude and crass exterior, and she has stayed faithfully by my side. I love you Jessica, here is to another 10 years and more adventurers.

Christina and Jordan | Willamette Mission State Park | Oregon Engagement Photographer


This is Christina and Jordan. They claim to be the grandparents of their friend group. They love swing dancing, magic card tricks and well each other. We met at Willamette Mission State Park for their engagement session and had a gorgeous evening together. Jordan even wowed me with a fancy card trick. 


Best of 2017 Weddings | Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer



It's always so tough narrowing down my favorites from an entire year of weddings into one blog post. So many beautiful love stories. I am so honored by each client that trusted me and let me be part of their wedding day.  Here's a few of the many amazing wedding moments from 2017 in no particular order. 

Alex and Lauren's Wedding | Green Villa Barn | Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer

I knew these two's wedding at Green Villa Barn would be a blast. I knew because they are a blast. We had a blast at their engagement session in the snow in the spring. And despite their festive December wedding not featuring any snow, their wedding did featured neon light up shoes, a bow tie wearing guinea pig ring bearer, breakfast for dinner and of course, hot cocoa. It also was full of laughter and hugs and tears and high fives. And dancing with a mop. See, I told you they're a blast. 


Luke and Emily | Willamette Heritage Center | Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Willamette Heritage Center Wedding

I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of how to describe these two. Luke has one of the most amazingly hilarious and entertaining personalities I've ever encountered. Emily has one of the sweetest and most calming presences I've ever had the change to know. Together they make such a fantastic combination. Their wedding at the Willamette Heritage Center will go down as one of my all-time favorite weddings FOR SURE.  The weather that day was in the high 90's. And for Oregon, that's HOT. It was a scorcher, but I did not hear a single person complain the entire day. The ceremony was so beautiful, with sweet hymns sung and beautiful, personal vows.  And their reception? Well, I've never seen such exuberant dancing! They got DOWN! 

Some of my favorite moments: The flower girl chucking the petals over her shoulder with so much sass. Luke asking "Would it be OK if we take a few photos with my vintage motorcycle?" UMM YES PLEASE!!  Grandpa Stewart stealing a lick of the frosting off the wedding cake before the reception, like he apparently has done at every wedding for the last 50 years. And of course all the over the top dance moves on the dance floor. 

Here are a bunch of my favorites (I have so many!) from their amazing day! 

Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Alex and Lauren | Little Zigzag Falls Engagement | Mt. Hood, Oregon Wedding Photographer

Meet Lauren and Alex. I wrote a little poem about them. And by poem I mean, spoken word/slam poetry/rap. Enjoy: 

She's a vegetarian veterinarian. 

He's a Pokemon Go playing, respiratory saving Bro.

They like wearing kilts in dragon boats and dressing up guinea pigs in coats.

They like eating at Claim Jumpers and cheering for the Green Bay Packers and they're totally not slackers. 

They fell in love with each other, they are so cute it makes me shudder, 

I can't wait for their Christmas wedding, and when they take me cosmic sledding.


Alex and Lauren, you are the best, your engagement session put me to the test. 

Knee deep snow and waterfalls, two hour drives and poke-balls.

It was all worth it, cause you guys picked the best photographer.

Who can float on top of snow drifts and is also a killer photoshop-ographer. 

I'm gonna finish my ridiculous rhyming now, 

So you can look at your pictures and be forever smiling now. 


Shirine and Kevin's Wedding | Silver Falls State Park | Oregon Wedding Photographer

Shirine and Kevin are the best there is. That's it. I can quit now. Cause really there will never be a cooler(ha ha pun intended) wedding. There will never be a more fun, adventurous and amazing couple. I dare you to find me one. :) j/k I love all my couples. All couples matter. OMG did I just say that... wow, I've been spending too much time reading political posts on facebook, clearly.

No, but really, Shirine and Kevin's wedding day was magical. The snow storm rolled in that morning and coated everything with the prettiest of fluffy goodness and despite the roads being quite horrible to drive on, so much so that at one point Kevin had to take over for me and get us up a slippery hill on our way back from taking photos at the falls, despite all that, they were literally skipping through the snow, so excited and happy to be starting their life together as husband and wife. I met them at the New Ranch at Silver Falls State Park after my hour and a half (normally 20 minutes) white knuckled drive in the snow. They were ready and excited to take pictures and I was just elated that the snow had turned what is already a gorgeous location into an absolute dreamland. The flakes were ENORMOUS! We took photos around the North Falls area before heading back to the New Ranch where their friends and family were waiting cozily around a big fireplace. They had a short and sweet ceremony with personalized vows they had written for each other. Immediately after their vows, we popped outside and Shirine grabbed a sled and pulled Kevin on and said "Let's go!" and they rode down the hill together, not  2 minutes after saying I do! How fun are they?? 

After the ceremony everyone was camping out there at the Ranch so it was so relaxed with kids playing games, nerf gun battles, snacks and music. And outside the snow kept right on falling and we didn't mind one bit.  I made my drive home carefully and will be wishing for a snow storm to roll in on every wedding day from now on!