Alex and Lauren's Wedding | Green Villa Barn | Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer

January 05, 2018  •  2 Comments

I knew these two's wedding at Green Villa Barn would be a blast. I knew because they are a blast. We had a blast at their engagement session in the snow in the spring. And despite their festive December wedding not featuring any snow, their wedding did featured neon light up shoes, a bow tie wearing guinea pig ring bearer, breakfast for dinner and of course, hot cocoa. It also was full of laughter and hugs and tears and high fives. And dancing with a mop. See, I told you they're a blast. 



Steve & Becky Littrell(non-registered)
Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Your photos make the memory everlasting and very special. I'm glad you joined in the festivities while snapping great shots. We all had a great time!
Diana Santamaria(non-registered)
These are SUPERB! You did a fantastic job! Made me choke up!I can feel all the Love through the pictures!♡♡
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