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April 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

Sooo... Some photographers obsess and swoon over all the little details of a wedding day. The flowers, the shoes, the table decor. And I'll admit, that stuff is fun and pretty and those folks on Pinterest just LOVE it. But I'm finding myself more and more drawn to something else at weddings. The Grandparents. The Grandpas and the Grandmas and the Great Grandpas and the Great Aunts. Ever since I photographed my cousin's wedding a couple years ago and one of the Grandpa's was my own 95 year old Grandpa. And the Grandpa from the bride's side had very recently lost his wife. I felt the weight and meaning of the photos I was taking as I was taking them more than I ever had before. These incredible people, who have seen so much, have raised children who are now parents giving away their children. It's just enormous the amount of wisdom and character they add to the day. And of course often times they're feisty and quirky and might say something that will make us roll our eyes. But I find myself noticing them more and wanting to give them more attention than I previously have. These photos may not win me any awards or be particularly pretty or epic, but they're important and may soon be what we have left to treasure these spirited matriarchs and patriarchs. And all too often, I'm photographing a wedding where the grandparents aren't able to be present. And these make me realize even more how blessed I am and those of us are that have the opportunity to create these memories with them.  My own Grandfather, Puzzy hugging Kelly at her wedding Reception.  Valerie had both her grandmother's act as "Flower girls" for her wedding Apparently this Grandpa sneaks a taste of the cake before the reception at every wedding he attends! Emily and Luke were so happy when they heard I'd captured him in the act.  Kirstie did not know that her Grandmother would be attending her wedding till she surprised her right before family photos. 


Grandpa with the cake! That is just priceless!
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