Best of 2016 | Families and Portraits | Salem, Oregon Family Photographer

February 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So Family photography is like my bad habit that I just can't quit. It's my guilty pleasure. So many Wedding photographers can't stand doing family sessions. I get it, they're wild and unpredictable and children are gonna do what they want. They're not always gonna sit and smile for you on command, they're not always gonna keep their pretty picture clothes clean, and they might just get cranky for some unknown reason and be angry the whole time. And it might stress mom out and Dad might not want to be there either.  But that's what families are right? That's what makes life as a parent interesting and that's what makes the moment in between the stress all that much more beautiful. Here are some of my favorites from wild, unpredictable family sessions from 2016. 

And lastly one of my own family :) This was actually a self timer shot, which we attempted about 15 times before getting the kids in the air at the right moment :) 


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