3 Ridiculous Reasons to Hire Tekoa Rose Photography

December 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am so beyond excited to share this!

Thank you so much Sea Legs Media for trusting my wacky last minute idea and helping me deliver my message in such a "true to me" way! You guys are the real deal!

Be sure to stick around for the bloopers at the end. I think they might be my favorite part.


Huge Thank you to Mindy and Gerry for being my poster clients! You guys are the best!

And Thank you Faith Bartruff for doing my make up and making me look fabulous, but still like me

Here are three reasons why you should hire me. 


1. I can do a headstand. Don't believe me? Want me to show you? 

2. I regularly wear a rubber rooster mask. If I was an animal I'd be a rooster, duh. 

3. I am a lip-sync battle champion. So what if all the people who voted for me were my friends. So what if it was my birthday and they all felt like they had to, but still first place is still first place. 


Alright alright, here are some actual real reasons why you should hire me. 


My motivation when I am photographing is to tell the story of the couple and of the family and so I'll photograph the flowers but I'll photograph them when you're holding them rather than just laying on the table. I always want there to be a heartbeat in the details rather than just the material things by themselves. The moments where they weren't posed, they weren't planned, they just happened and I caught it because I'm really valuing that part of your day. A genuine moment with always win out in my mind. 



Everybody no matter who they are gets nervous and awkward in front of the camera and so I give you things to do, games to play, ridiculous things to say just something to get you loose so 

I value playing over posing loose so that the photographs don't look like there was a camera there, they look like you guys were just having a great time and I caught it. 


I will always value PEOPLE OVER PERFECTION.

I'm much more interested in capturing a really genuine laugh than a perfectly posed stiff photograph. I'm always going to be naturally just drawn to the things that make you different than any other couple that I've photographed before. It's not necessarily about taking the most epic photo that's gonna get a billion likes and shares on Instagram. I want the photograph to mean something to the person in it and the person looking at it for years and years to come. 


This is a gift to show you who you really are, how beautiful you already are. I don't need to make you look beautiful, I just need to find that beauty in you and show it. So let's photograph something that's really meaningful to you. 



There's always got to be that person that starts the dancing that's like being ridiculous enough that everyone's like "Ok good, I'll go out there and I won't look  as bad as them. I'll be that person. I will start the party. I will bring the party. 



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