Miles and Heather's Wedding | Robert Newell House Museum | Oregon Wedding Photographer

November 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Heather and Miles met at a dance class. They fell in love and decided to get married in September. 17 years earlier, I met Heather and became fast friends as we went through a Youth with a Mission DTS and traveled to India together. Heather was a bridesmaid in my wedding 14 years ago. When she called me to tell me about Miles I couldn't have been more excited to be part of their wedding day. And when I met Miles, I could tell they had something really special. 

Some of my favorite moments from their wedding day at the Robert Newell House Museum were when Heather's mom came into the getting ready room and began taking off her own earrings and jewelry to put onto Heather. Heather also wore her Great Grandmother's gloves during the ceremony, the same gloves that her great grandmother, grandmother and mother had all worn before her! 

Another great moment was during the ceremony when Miles was repeating after the pastor, and when the pastor made a mistake, well Miles did as he was told and repeated the mistake too :) 

And of course when it came time to toss the bouquet Heather launched that sucker into the air and it landed firmly in the branch of the tree. It had to be shaken loose and dropped into the arms of bridesmaid waiting below. 

Being trusted to take photos at weddings like this is so incredibly fulfilling and I'm so very grateful for this job. It really is the best. 


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