The Williams Family | Fairbanks, Alaska Family Photographer

May 10, 2016  •  1 Comment

This session. Oh man. It was a bit surreal for me. I was up visiting my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska last week to celebrate my little sister's college graduation and I got the opportunity to photograph a long time friend's family. And by long time friend I mean, the closest thing I have to a brother. Tyler and I grew up together, our houses a few hundred feet apart, spending days wandering through the woods, creating goofy home videos (He now runs his own marketing and  video production company Mammoth Marketing) and generally just being dorky kids, growing up in interior Alaska. One of our favorite places to play and film was the nearby potato farm fields which we always referred to as "The field." So when we planned where to shoot some pictures with his amazing wife and his ADORABLE twin two year old boys, the field was a natural choice. Walking up the driveway from Tekoa Trail (my business' namesake!) to his parents house was such a mindtrip. I felt like I had time traveled back 20 years and yet, there I was, in the same place I'd been years before, goofying off with Tyler and a camera in the field. Only now there were two little clones of him running around with us too. It was awesome. His boys are so completely precious and seeing him as a husband and father is so very cool. This growing up thing is pretty crazy, but moments like this, where everything seems to come full circle are really really special. I'm so glad I got to capture a bit of their precious family. What an honor. 


Jane Wick(non-registered)
This photo session is absolutely beautiful. TEKOArose your work is amazing. How nice of you to share these photos so they can be viewed from SD !
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