Chris and Shaena's Surprise Proposal | Ponzi Vineyards | Sherwood, Oregon Wedding Photographer

November 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Chris contacted me about photographing his surprise proposal to his girlfriend Shaena and I was over the moon. I have been dreaming of hiding in the bushes and being in on the big secret for so long. Chris planned on taking Shaena to Ponzi Vineyards for wine tasting on her birthday and I arrived early, met her sister and got into position. We nervously hid out as they came into the tasting room and got their first taste. The staff at the vineyard were in on the surprise and told Chris and Shaena that part of their reservation was a guided tour of the vineyard. So they followed the waitress out onto the lawn overlooking the whole valley and she said "Oh I forgot something inside, wait here, I'll be right back.". This was all part of the plan of course because that's when Chris got down on one knee and asked Shaena to marry him. And of course She said yes! Well done, Chris! 
We spent a few quick minutes grabbing some photos around the vineyard before I had to head off to my next session (where another surprise proposal happened!). 


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